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Monday, November 29

Baker's Market on November 27th

It's very exciting! It's our first time at the new location of Baker's Market. I love the Creekside Community Center at Olympic Village. It's so convenient for us as we're Downtown, right across the Cambie Bridge. I had a little accident first thing in the morning, didn't know about the safety switch under the table supplied and it collapsed when I was half way setting up. Thank god with all my wonderful fellow vendors helping, I didn't lose anything except my coffee. It's amazing! I was able to cover all the coffee stains on the linen, no one could tell. I was able to wash off all the stains on my white table cloth when I got home as well! Saved! Gotto say I love the Baker's Market and how all bakers get along and support each other. It's a very wonderful thing!

A sample gift box I had quickly put together. Cookies shifted a bit cause of the accident I had. In this box, half dozen each of My Mom's Favorite Ginger Snap Cookies, Karen's Instant Ecstasy Chocolate Cookies, Rosemary Parmesan Shortbread, Lavender Vanilla Shortbread, as well as half pound of Chai Spiced Nuts. That is a lot of srumptiousness for only 45 dollars. Nicely presented as a homemade gift filled with love!