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I'm a professionally-trained certified chef and I bake at home to order, teach cooking classes, cater parties, provide private chef service. Please simply click into link on your left to view my most recent menu. Feel free to contact me to enquire or order: or 604.307.1802

Sunday, March 29

It's been great!

Ever since the new menu started, everything has been running smoothly. I've been busy baking at home, as well as helping clients with parties. If anyone is about to throw a party or needs any food ideas, please feel free to email me. I'll be more than happy to create a custom menu for you.

Saturday, March 14

Little twists!

Here we have some appetizers with a little twist. Caesar salad rolls with shrimps(left) are wrapped in rice paper like Vietnamese salad rolls. Wings stuffed with blue cheese(right). These wings are de-boned, stuffed then rolled in parmesan cheese and panko breadcrumbs, baked in the oven. For the rest of this menu, I had truffled mac n' cheese with lobster, banana ice-cream sandwich in banana bread. Fun and yum indeed!

Wednesday, March 11

NEW MENU is here!

Yes! Menu has finally been updated!! I have quite a few fruity and citrusy yummies replacing the wintery items. Hopefully Spring will hit us soon!

Monday, March 9


These wontons are filled with ground pork, watercress and Shanghai bok choy, an all-time family favorite! I remember grandmom, mom and I would all sit down and wrap hundreds of them because my grandpa and dad could each eat up to fifty of
these for dinner at one sitting. They are that good!