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I'm a professionally-trained certified chef and I bake at home to order, teach cooking classes, cater parties, provide private chef service. Please simply click into link on your left to view my most recent menu. Feel free to contact me to enquire or order: or 604.307.1802

Wednesday, December 30

Happy Belated Christmas!

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and a very happy tummy full of good eats. Thank you all for keeping me busy again this holiday season! I look forward to baking and cooking for you in the new year!

Friday, December 18


Just wanna make a super quick post before my timer goes again for the cookies that need to come out of the oven. A giant THANK YOU!! to all my sweet and understanding clients. There are some cookies and pastries which are too time consuming and labor intensive that I had to refuse to make because things just get very crazy here for the holiday season. I gotto go back into the kitchen...more cookies...bake... bake...bake.....I'm loving it! Oh! If you haven't placed your order, it might NOT be too late, call me or email me to find out what I'm baking. I'm baking everyday until the 24th...

Tuesday, December 1

Edible Gifts!

These are some of the edible gifts we made in the last class!
Bourbon vanilla caramel,
Cranberry orange vodka,
Ginger spiced cookies,
Spiced nuts.
Cute n' yum!

Saturday, November 28

Trying to hunt down...

MINI CANDY CANE IN RED AND WHITE...the most classic looking ones. For some reason, I only see them being available in red, green and white. I've tried several stores already. If anyone has seen red and white mini candy cane anywhere in town, please give me a call. Thanks a bunch! (I NEED them for my class tomorrow!)

Thursday, November 26

Bad! Wanda. Bad!!

I apologize for being such an awlful blogger in the last couple of month. I totally neglected my blog cause I've been too busy baking, cooking and teaching. I didn't even realise my last post was published more than 2 months ago until a client of mine phoned me to make sure I'm back in town, still running bah! and taking orders. YES! Wanda and bah! are both still alive. I'm now accepting orders for holiday gifts and parties. Thank you!

Saturday, September 19

Sailing to Alaska

I'm boarding onto cruise ship Princess Sapphire in an hour, sailing to Alaska with my family. I'll be back in Vancouver on September 25. I'll be returning phone calls and emails then. Thanks!

Friday, September 4

Chicken oatmeal I didn't invent...

I'm thrilled that Chef Karen Barnaby mentioned about my chicken oatmeal on her Vancouver Sun Column on Wednesday, however she said that I invented it and I think I should make a clarification here. I did NOT invent chicken oatmeal but I stole the idea from Quaker, Asia. Instant oatmeal have been extremely popular in Hong Kong just like instant noodles. When I was there in 2007, I found a huge variety of instant oatmeal available in grocery stores, in both sweet and savory flavors. We bought a few of the savory ones to try, they were all rather tasty however they all contain artificial ingredients in them like MSG. I decided to come home and start making my own simply with rolled oats, water, chicken, broth and cream, salt and pepper. My husband and I are still in love with my version of chicken oatmeal, we eat it for breakfast very often, sometimes with a sprinkle of ground flax.

Monday, August 31

Julie & Julia

Absolutely love it! "Mmm...what do I enjoy doing?" I asked myself many years ago. " My other half and myself both absolutely love to eat. Why don't I go to cooking school!" That's exactly how I started, didn't know that's how Julia Child started until I watched the movie tonight. Wish I can be as dedicated to my blog like Julie Powell.

Tuesday, August 18

Email me.....

Hi to the lady who was in my cooking class last Saturday who left me your email address for the bakery I like that makes good spelt bread. If you happen to see this post, please email me. I emailed you twice to the address you wrote down but unfortunately they were bounced back to me...Hope to hear from you! Cheers.

Wednesday, August 5

Getting addictive...

I'm getting addicted on creating these hens and chicks arrangements. I've put this one together for my mother-in-law.
Happy Birthday to Mammy!!

Hens & Chicks for Granny

As some of you may know, I'm pretty proud of my hens and chicks collection and they're growing well and fast enough that I can share. I put this small arrangement together for Grandma the other day in a cute little pot I bought in Chinatown. I think it's rather good looking!

Wednesday, July 29

Classes went super well!

I'm so happy that last Sunday's dessert class and last night's vegetarian class both went very well. I had a lot of fun, and also received some seriously good feedbacks from my audiences. Thank you very much to the ones who attended these classes, it was lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing you all again. For the ones who couldn't attend, I hope you can join me at my future classes. I'll be teaching at the Cookshop again on August 15, September 5 & 12. If none of those can fit into your busy schedule, keep in mind I also do private classes, please feel free to inquire!

Friday, June 26

My sunflowers!

We planted a pack of sunflower seeds in early April. I thought since they're recommended for kids to grow, they would be perfect for a non green thumb like me. That was easy! Here it is, first bloom in late June, however, with a few bugs kicking around, I don't know what they look like, all I see are holes on the leaves...?

Tuesday, June 23

The Unexpected!

I'm not even sure if we should call it a starfish or a sea star? Does anyone know? I think it could be edible but he's definitely too cute to be cooked. Mr. Sea're just a little too strange and soft comparing to the ones I had cooked and eaten before. Perhaps you're some other sea creature that happen to look like sea cucumber? Or you're just a weirdo? Nice meeting you both. Back into the ocean you go. I'm sorry that we created a little hole on you. Bye!

Uni so yummy!!

When we were fishing on Hornby Island, we also accidentally caught a sea urchin. Need I say how delicious? Two billion times better than what you can get at any Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. However, it's still not as good as what hub and his buddy got from Bowen Island when they went scuba diving two years ago.

Sunday, June 7

Gone fishing!

I'm away from June 8 to June 10, going fishing on Hornby Island. Please feel free to leave me a message or email me for orders and inquiry, I'll get back to you as soon as I return. Thanks!

Monday, May 25

Congratulations to Seacliff!

On May 21st, I successfully accomplished the grand opening party of Seacliff Construction's new office location in Richmond. If anyone would like to see any sample menus for cocktail party, please feel free to email me.

Thursday, April 30

Sempervivum. Live forever.

My tulips are done and gone. I've done some clean up in the garden, repotted some of my hens and chicks. They're always doing so well, looking so cute. They didn't only survive the past long winter, they actually grew bigger. How amazing is that! I love 'em. I love 'em. I totally love 'em! Thanks to Karen who generously let me pick a whole bunch of babies out of her garden last Summer. She always tells me, if I can't grow hens and chicks, may as well I'd give up gardening.

Tuesday, April 7


Today we've finally planted tomato seeds we collected from last year. A variety of organic heirloom tomatoes including the Sungolds we got from our most wonderful and famous farmer, "the" Tomato Man, Milan. That makes our first tomato seed sowing experience very special, and hopefully it'll be successful.

Monday, April 6

My first blooming tulips!

Isn't it beautiful! I guess Spring is really here! My tulips have finally started to bloom. I planted over thirty bulbs in November, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more to bloom. Mom. Look! Tulips for you.

Sunday, March 29

It's been great!

Ever since the new menu started, everything has been running smoothly. I've been busy baking at home, as well as helping clients with parties. If anyone is about to throw a party or needs any food ideas, please feel free to email me. I'll be more than happy to create a custom menu for you.

Saturday, March 14

Little twists!

Here we have some appetizers with a little twist. Caesar salad rolls with shrimps(left) are wrapped in rice paper like Vietnamese salad rolls. Wings stuffed with blue cheese(right). These wings are de-boned, stuffed then rolled in parmesan cheese and panko breadcrumbs, baked in the oven. For the rest of this menu, I had truffled mac n' cheese with lobster, banana ice-cream sandwich in banana bread. Fun and yum indeed!

Wednesday, March 11

NEW MENU is here!

Yes! Menu has finally been updated!! I have quite a few fruity and citrusy yummies replacing the wintery items. Hopefully Spring will hit us soon!

Monday, March 9


These wontons are filled with ground pork, watercress and Shanghai bok choy, an all-time family favorite! I remember grandmom, mom and I would all sit down and wrap hundreds of them because my grandpa and dad could each eat up to fifty of
these for dinner at one sitting. They are that good!

Thursday, February 26

Baby shower party!

Eight dozens of cupcakes I made for a baby shower party at the Intrawest office, I had them set up in tiers and platters, looking all cute and adorable. Unfortunately, we won't get to see them because I left my camera home, couldn't take any picture when I was there.
Congratulations to the mothers-to-be, Helena and Mariana!

Sunday, February 15

Another beautiful one!

Another beauty! This gorgeous lady's slipper orchid, is for Karen.

Tuesday, February 10

Beautiful bloom!

Orchids is our new toy. We have four of them now, two of them are lady's slippers. This one has been blooming for over a month now, and it looks amazing!

Monday, January 26

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year!
It's Year of the Ox!

Monday, January 5

Best seller in 2008...

Is anyone curious about which is the most popular item of bah!? Out of over 150 dozens of cookies I had baked over the holiday season, I find it funny that my best seller can't actually be found on my menu. Surprise! The winner is Lavender Vanilla Shortbread!! I'll be putting it on my new menu since everyone loves it so much.

Friday, January 2

Thank you all for keeping me busy!

I'm glad to tell you that bah! has been very well received. It's only been a little over a month, bah! is doing extremely well and honestly much better than what I expected. I had a really good Christmas and I know the New Year will continue to be awesome. Great big hugs and thanks to all my lovely clients, family and friends. You all have been a great support. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Thursday, January 1


I'm exhausted from baking the past one month. I'm taking a day off, staying home but away from the oven, just sit back and relax! Happy New Year to you all! May 2009 be a fabulous one for you!!