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Sunday, October 31


We had a great time at the Baker's Market, it was so busy and I only got the chance to take photo of one corner of our table after setting up. Thanks to everyone who came by today. Wish you all a very happy Halloween and enjoy the goodies you purchased with us. Thanks to the little ones who came trick or treating. You were all so adorable! I hope you enjoy the sponge toffee I made and packaged with a lot of love!

Beware of contents

Warning: Eat at your own risk!
Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Icing are indeed dangerous.

Friday, October 29

Little preview

For everyone who have ordered their Halloween cupcakes for Sunday, your pumpkin cheese cake cupcakes will all be dressed up in the cupcake liners and picks on the left. Cookie envelopes on the right are for my over-sized cookies; pumpkin cookies with maple icing and Karen's instant ecstasy chocolate cookies which will be available at the Baker's market tomorrow. I only have 18 of them! Anyone wants them, make sure you come early! I promise to remember to take picture of the cupcakes and packaged cookies and post soon.

Tuesday, October 26

Close your eyes, and no peeking!

You'll see more yummy treats packaged in these lovely Halloween goody bags this Saturday at the Baker's Market!

Saturday, October 23

Westend Farmers Market

It was cold and windy this morning, I struggled to get out of bed and headed to the farmers market cause it's our last one this year. A giant coffee kept me company during my 15-minute walk. As I arrived Nelson Park, the sun began to shine! Awesome! It was great to see all my favorite farmers and vendors and stock up on some great local organic produce. Can't wait to go check out the new Winter Farmers Market that starts on November 6th at Nat Bailey Stadium.

Saturday, October 16

A sophisticated treat!

One of my favorite savory shortbread recipe- Rosemary Parmesan. It's made with hand-grated parmigiano reggiano, organic rosemary, freshly cracked black pepper..... It's cheese and cracker, 2 in 1. Rich and sophisticated. Perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine or two!

Monday, October 11

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! I'm not having turkey dinner tonight cause I'm working on orders for Pumpkin Cheese Cake Cupcakes and Little Pumpkin Mini Cupcakes...will post pictures of them soon. I wish you all have a wonderful and yummy dinner! Gobble Gobble!

Sunday, October 10

More pictures taken at Baker's Market!

Close-ups of displays on our table!

Tonsa fun at Baker Market today!

We had an an awesome time at the Baker's Market today!
We'll be there again on October 30th with some tasty treats perfect for Halloween.

Saturday, October 9

Baker's Market in 6 hours!

Guess I'm a little over excited...I can't fall asleep...why don't I write about what bah! has to offer tomorrow at the Baker's Market. Our best seller, it's been the most popular item since Day 1; Lavender Vanilla Shortbread. What's in it? Culinary dried lavender from Full Bloom Farm in Langley, organic whole vanilla bean from the Kingdom of Tonga. There will also be Rosemary Parmesan Shortbread, however only 4 dozens cause I run out Parmesan Reggiano...yes...the real stuff. I also use organic rosemary. In Chai Spiced Nuts, I like to use Chai Masala from the T Tearoom., and add extra cinnamon and black pepper into it. Golden West Organic Apple Muffins I've talked about in the previous posts. Double Cranberry Ginger Orange Ginger Loaves, has both fresh and dried cranberries in it to give different textures, sweet and tartness. Last but not least, Pumpkin Pecan Maple Loaves, they smell yummy just like fall! Hope to see you all at the market!

Thursday, October 7

Can't sit anymore

I've been sitting at my desk working with the computer listening to my lower spine sing. It's getting very noisy. I guess I should go see my chiropractor soon.

Wednesday, October 6


It's finally here! Thank you all for your patience.

Tuesday, October 5

Royal Gala won the first round

I was experimenting all three types of apples I got from Al. It's extremely tough to decide which I use in my Golden West Organic Apple Muffins... From top to bottom: -Honey Crisp- well-balanced, incredibly juicy -MacIntosh- tender, aromatic, juicy -Royal Gala- firm, crunchy, sweet, slightly tart, juicy They are all wonderful eating apples to begin with and they also make fabulous muffins, after too many times of tasting, I announce Royal Gala has won this first round. Feel free to drop by bah! for a free sample of these delicious Golden West Royal Gala Apple Muffins at the Baker's Markets this coming Saturday!

Monday, October 4

Facebook page...?

I am currently working on a facebook page for bah! baked at home! Feeling kinda lost to be honest with you. Hope you will all become fans of bah! when it's set up!