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Thursday, April 30

Sempervivum. Live forever.

My tulips are done and gone. I've done some clean up in the garden, repotted some of my hens and chicks. They're always doing so well, looking so cute. They didn't only survive the past long winter, they actually grew bigger. How amazing is that! I love 'em. I love 'em. I totally love 'em! Thanks to Karen who generously let me pick a whole bunch of babies out of her garden last Summer. She always tells me, if I can't grow hens and chicks, may as well I'd give up gardening.

Tuesday, April 7


Today we've finally planted tomato seeds we collected from last year. A variety of organic heirloom tomatoes including the Sungolds we got from our most wonderful and famous farmer, "the" Tomato Man, Milan. That makes our first tomato seed sowing experience very special, and hopefully it'll be successful.

Monday, April 6

My first blooming tulips!

Isn't it beautiful! I guess Spring is really here! My tulips have finally started to bloom. I planted over thirty bulbs in November, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more to bloom. Mom. Look! Tulips for you.