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Tuesday, November 30

Holiday Gifts!

I can't believe today is the last day of November! December starts tomorrow!OMG!! If you are one of those who does shopping at the very last minute like me, you would definitely want to pay attention to this post! For the past two years I've been giving my clients the freedom on creating their own custom gifts. Everyone get to choose their favorite cookie(s), I baked them I filled the baskets or boxes as requested and I wrapped them dressed them pretty! This year, I'll continue to do so however I was told by some clients that they would love to have me put together some baskets and boxes so they won't even have to think! Always my pleasure to help...
Here I have some awesome gift options for only 10 dollars!
Picture on top; 6 oz. bag of Chai Spiced Nuts
On the bottom; One-dozen bag of Rosemary Parmesan Shortbread(left) as well as Lavender Vanilla Shortbread(right). Holiday theme colors I've chosen for wrapping material this year as you can see is natural kraft and lime green!
Please stay tuned for more holiday gift options!

Monday, November 29

Baker's Market on November 27th

It's very exciting! It's our first time at the new location of Baker's Market. I love the Creekside Community Center at Olympic Village. It's so convenient for us as we're Downtown, right across the Cambie Bridge. I had a little accident first thing in the morning, didn't know about the safety switch under the table supplied and it collapsed when I was half way setting up. Thank god with all my wonderful fellow vendors helping, I didn't lose anything except my coffee. It's amazing! I was able to cover all the coffee stains on the linen, no one could tell. I was able to wash off all the stains on my white table cloth when I got home as well! Saved! Gotto say I love the Baker's Market and how all bakers get along and support each other. It's a very wonderful thing!

A sample gift box I had quickly put together. Cookies shifted a bit cause of the accident I had. In this box, half dozen each of My Mom's Favorite Ginger Snap Cookies, Karen's Instant Ecstasy Chocolate Cookies, Rosemary Parmesan Shortbread, Lavender Vanilla Shortbread, as well as half pound of Chai Spiced Nuts. That is a lot of srumptiousness for only 45 dollars. Nicely presented as a homemade gift filled with love!

Wednesday, November 17

Joy Luck Dragon Phoenix!

I've just entered the Cathay Pacific Art of Dessert Contest on facebook with my creation named Joy Luck Dragon Phoenix inspired by dim sum which consists four major parts. Starting from top to bottom; first, Ginger Soy Brown Sugar Panna Cotta which is tofu pudding with a twist. Secondly, Black Sesame Crepe Cake which reminds me of a thousand layered cake with a different filling and different pastry. It's black sesame pastry cream spreaded between layers of crepe. Third one is a Red Bean Meringue Cookie inspired by classic dessert Gao Li Dou Sha which is a deep-fried egg white dumpling filled with red bean paste. Last but not least, Poached Asian Pears with Jasmine, reminds me of a sweet soup my mom-in-law makes all the time. I poached the pears in rock sugar syrup infused with Jasmine. If you like my dessert creation please simply click on the heading of this post or go to Click 'like' on Cathay Pacific US facebook page Under most recent submission, look for Wanda Chau, BC. Joy Luck Dragon Phoenix and click 'LIKE' and also 'SHARE' with your friends! Thanks!

Friday, November 5

I'm uber fantastic!

Happy 20th Birthday to the Fish House! Congratulations!! So sweet of Chef Karen Barnaby mentioning me on her column. I feel very honored to be one of the uber-fantastic people on her list! Many thanks to her for everything; from what she's taught me through the years and gave me the opportunity to grow in the kitchen of the Fish House, to simply being an awesome friend! XO