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I'm a professionally-trained certified chef and I bake at home to order, teach cooking classes, cater parties, provide private chef service. Please simply click into link on your left to view my most recent menu. Feel free to contact me to enquire or order: or 604.307.1802

Monday, December 29

Mini shepherds pie? O'rely?

When I told my hubby about making mini shepherds pies as hot hor d'oeuvres, he thought I was insane. Why not! It's the coldest time of the year. everyone loves comfort food. What's more comforting than a shepherds pie!? I don't blame him, his standard portion of shepherds pie is usually, a quarter to half of a 9" by 13" casserole dish. Yes, I'm serious. I can understand that putting a shepherds pie into a little 1.5" paper cup would make him a little upset. He probably doesn't want the comfort to be gone after two bites. Oh well. I'm not making them for him but Liv's party anyways!

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

Great! A gorgeous white Christmas we have.
Wish everyone a Merry Christmas full of laughter and good eats!

Sunday, December 21

Snowing like crazy!

It's snowing again!! I've taken some time to take pictures out of my windows. Downtown Vancouver being covered with snow. I love the way it looks but it also worries me. Will my plants on the balcony survive? Our water plant tank is now totally solid, I wonder how my hubby's little goldfish is doing. Hang in there, Little!!

Wednesday, December 17

Snow...and my snow balls!

I have been busy baking, putting together gift boxes, working on orders. I noticed that it snowed, but totally didn't take the time to enjoy it. I might have looked out of the window twice. I dusted my own snow, icing sugar of course, on my Chai Spiced Butter Balls. Instead of going outside to play with the snow, I made 10 dozens of snow balls! Same kinda fun and just as pretty!!

Wednesday, December 10

Macdonald Realty Kerrisdale

Thank everyone at Macdonald Realty for having me. It's my first bah! presentation, it's my first time in a realtors' office; my first time meeting over 40 realty agents. I hope everyone enjoyed the cookie samples I brought and gift options I put together. Many thanks to Cecile for bringing me into her office.

Saturday, December 6

Congrats on your big day, Yvonne!

CONGRATUALATIONS!! I also want to say I'm sorry for not being able to make it to your wedding, can't fly all the way to Hong Kong. Sending you my best wishes, hugs and kisses and an I. O. U. a wedding cake. I'll make you a 25th anniversary cake I promise.

Thursday, December 4

Dust brownies with cocoa or icing sugar?

I couldn't make up my mind! I made these triple chocolate brownies for my hubby to take to work, they're having a potluck party at lunchtime today. " Don't worry about it! ", he said, " They'll be gone within minutes. " I ended up going half and half as you can see...

Wednesday, December 3

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bah! on the Sun....

Eight years ago, not long after I graduated from VCC, I was lucky enough to beome Chef Karen Barnaby's apprentice at the Fish House; and I worked my way up and became her Sous Chef. There is a very special bond between Karen and I and the Fish House. Cookie exchange is definitely in the Top 5 of my good Fish House memories, and I always managed to have the third best looking plate of cookies. Who were first and second? Karen and the Pastry Chef...of course...
I'm thrilled to be mentioned in the Vancouver Sun and the FinancialTimes.
Thank you, Chef.

Tuesday, December 2

My Menu!

My menu is finally done! There were many nights of strabismus caused by staring at the computer screen behind it. I couldn't have done it without my awesome friends, Ena and Karen; and Jeannie, the expert of formatting. In order to keep my menu nice and simple, easy to read, I chose not to throw too many items on it. If there is anything you're craving, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll be happy to fulfill your request.

To order or enquire, please feel free to call me 604.307.1802 or e-mail me

Monday, December 1

What does bah mean?

I can't even remember how I came up with bah! (sigh) You know how people often say the memory part always starts to fade once you hit 30, and wrinkles on your face do the opposite. Well...bah! in my world stands for baked at home and I totally love it, I think it sounds rather cute and tells everyone what I have to offer. Something scrumptious being freshly baked at home. I was googling the other night making sure "bah" doesn't mean anything too weird; and I found the BIG ASS HAM and I laughed so hard...Please don't get my bah! mixed up with Mr. Giant Can of Spam! I really appreciate his sense of humor. (lol) Thanx.