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Wednesday, September 29

Gorgeous Golden West Apples

Of course they're all delicious in their own way, my favorite happens to be the Honey Crisp, its sweetness and tartness balance so well, it is incredible and amazingly juicy!
Next step is to bake with them before I eat them all...mmm...muffins.....

Saturday, September 25

bah! Golden West Farms Crossover

Everyone who loves shopping at our local farmers' markets gotto be familiar with Golden West Farms, or at least had their beyond yummy cherries, peaches and apples. I've been a huge fan for years. Soon I'll be baking apple muffins with their certified organic apples. Golden West Organic Apple Muffins will be available for as long as the apple season lasts. I'm super excited. Al, one of my favorite farmers, super nice man, passionate about everything he grows, he is at the West End Market every Saturday until October 23. He was too shy to have his picture taken but I'm sure you will all recognize his gorgeous apples and the lovely sign says Golden West Farms!

Friday, September 10

Eco-friendly packaging

Seeking eco-friendly packaging material available in Vancouver. Does anyone know where I can go?

Thursday, September 9

This is her!!

Please meet the new logo of bah! Isn't she nice and simple...looking scrumptious! Can't wait to see her on business cards, labels and perhaps tees and tote bags too!!

Tuesday, September 7

New logo for bah!

Thanks to my dear friend Mona who has been helping me with my new logo. I'm so excited cause we're almost done, just testing with different color combinations. Will be making my final decision and showing everyone in the next few days!