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Saturday, October 9

Baker's Market in 6 hours!

Guess I'm a little over excited...I can't fall asleep...why don't I write about what bah! has to offer tomorrow at the Baker's Market. Our best seller, it's been the most popular item since Day 1; Lavender Vanilla Shortbread. What's in it? Culinary dried lavender from Full Bloom Farm in Langley, organic whole vanilla bean from the Kingdom of Tonga. There will also be Rosemary Parmesan Shortbread, however only 4 dozens cause I run out Parmesan Reggiano...yes...the real stuff. I also use organic rosemary. In Chai Spiced Nuts, I like to use Chai Masala from the T Tearoom., and add extra cinnamon and black pepper into it. Golden West Organic Apple Muffins I've talked about in the previous posts. Double Cranberry Ginger Orange Ginger Loaves, has both fresh and dried cranberries in it to give different textures, sweet and tartness. Last but not least, Pumpkin Pecan Maple Loaves, they smell yummy just like fall! Hope to see you all at the market!