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Friday, September 4

Chicken oatmeal I didn't invent...

I'm thrilled that Chef Karen Barnaby mentioned about my chicken oatmeal on her Vancouver Sun Column on Wednesday, however she said that I invented it and I think I should make a clarification here. I did NOT invent chicken oatmeal but I stole the idea from Quaker, Asia. Instant oatmeal have been extremely popular in Hong Kong just like instant noodles. When I was there in 2007, I found a huge variety of instant oatmeal available in grocery stores, in both sweet and savory flavors. We bought a few of the savory ones to try, they were all rather tasty however they all contain artificial ingredients in them like MSG. I decided to come home and start making my own simply with rolled oats, water, chicken, broth and cream, salt and pepper. My husband and I are still in love with my version of chicken oatmeal, we eat it for breakfast very often, sometimes with a sprinkle of ground flax.